To use your MXSave account in conjunction with the Intertune Email Filtering solution, all you need to do is setup MXSave as a failover server in your email filtering setup.

  1. Login to your account on the Intertune Cloud.
  2. Click on the email filter service in the dashboard.
  3. Click the gears icon next to the domain you want to configure MXSave for.
  4. Add a space after your existing mail server address and then insert '' without the quotes.  This will configure our email filtering to failover email to MXSave if it cannot connect to your primary mail server.  Note: You must use port 25 for your mail server and MXSave
  5. Click the 'Update Mail Server' button.
  6. After you have updated the MX records for your domain to use the Intertune Email Filtering MX records, you can remove the MXSave MX records from your DNS.  Note: Please do not change where your mail is forwarded to from your MXSave account, that should still forward directly to your mail server (not the Intertune Email Filtering service).