In this article you will learn how to create an FTP user for your hosting account. This will allow you or other individuals to access the files that run your website. This is especially helpful for those maintaining, updating, or fixing your website such as a Webmaster or Developer. Users with this access can add, remove, and modify files that belong to your website.

Step 1:

Click Web Hosting > List Domains > then choose the settings gear icon to the right of the domain

Step 2:

Next navigate to FTP > Add FTP User

Step 3:

Fill in the neccessary fields for the FTP user account. (FTP Username, FTP Password, Confirm FTP Password) then click 'Add FTP User' located in the lower right corner.

Note: If you would like to specify a directory other than the default root directory for an FTP user you can enter that path in the 'Home Directory' field. 

Step 4:

Upon successful creation you will see the below message.

Creating a secure password:

Having trouble thinking of a secure password? Seeing the below error message? Try generating a random password with letters, numbers, and special characters here.

Note: For security purposes it's best to use at least 10 characters.