In this guide you will learn how to remove/delete an FTP user from your hosting account. This will allow you to remove FTP access from a webmaster or Developer. You may need to do this after a developer completes work on your website or if you change members/staff on your team. Removing FTP access is an important step in maintaining a secure hosting environment.

Step 1:

Click Web Hosting > List Domains > then choose the settings gear icon to the right of the domain

Step 2:

Next navigate to FTP > List FTP users

Step 3:

Proceed to click the red trashcan icon next to the FTP user account that you wish to delete.

Step 4:

Confirm deletion and file removal for this account. If you wish to save the files this user has in their home directory you will need to move them first.

Step 5:

Upon successful deletion you will see the below message.