Often times there is a need to update a password. If you are giving access to a new user or just for good security practices an update password action may be needed. Please see below the steps you can take to update an FTP users password.

Step 1:

Click Web Hosting > List Domains > then choose the settings gear icon to the right of the domain

Step 2:

Next navigate to FTP > List FTP Users

Step 3:

Then click the settings gear icon.

Step 4:

Enter the new password you would like to use in the fields shown below then click 'Update'


Step 5:

If the password update is successful you will see the below message.

Creating a secure password:

Having trouble thinking of a secure password? Receiving a message about your password not being secure enough? Try generating a random password with letters, numbers, and special characters here.

Note: For security purposes it's best to use at least 10 characters.