In this guide you will learn how to create a mailbox inside your Intertune control panel. You may need to add mailboxes for new team/staff members or for organizing emails into different categories. Such as,,

Step 1:

Click Web Hosting > List Domains > then choose the settings gear icon to the right of the domain

Step 2:

Next click Emails > Add Email

Step 3:

Fill in the necessary fields. Then click 'Add Mailbox'

Creating a secure password:

Having trouble thinking of a secure password? Seeing the below error message? Try generating a random password with letters, numbers, and special characters here.

Note: For security purposes it's best to use at least 10 characters.


Now the mailbox is created and you can connect it to your mail client (for example Outlook for Windows, or Mail app on Mac). The incoming/outgoing mail server settings for your domain can be found in your original welcome email from us.