In this article you will learn how to setup your Gmail account to 'Send Mail As' using another email address. This is helpful if you use Gmail for your primary mail account using a personal email address such as but you want to be able to receive email from and reply from another email account such as

Before beginning this guide it is often desired/needed to have mail from forward to If you do not already have a forward setup in your account please setup your mail forwarding so that you can receive your domain emails at your gmail address.

Step 1:

First lets modify some gmail account settings to allow this behavior we want to use. 

1) Login to your gmail account.
2) Go to and Turn On this feature.
3) Go to and click Continue.

(If you do not perform these steps then you will likely receive SMTP errors when proceeding through the next steps)

Step 2:

Click the gear icon to access Settings in Gmail.

Step 3:

Navigate to Accounts and Import and click 'Add another email address'

Step 4:

Enter in the information for the email accounts you want to Send mail as/from.

Step 5:

Now enter in your gmail address, and password. The same credentials you are currently logged in with. Set the port and secure connection settings the same as shown below. The SMTP server will be:

Step 6:

Finally an email will be sent to your domain email address you specified in Step 4. You will need to access that email account and copy paste the google confirmation code into the window below:

Step 6:

Once you enter the confirmation code your Accounts and Import screen should look similar to the below. In order to reply to messages that land in your gmail inbox from the proper address you can modify the reply settings. 

Gmail Help:

For more information about this configuration please check the Google support article here: