We understand that you might have a lot of email on your mailboxes at your old host and want to bring it over to your new Intertune mailbox.  Keep in mind this is only necessary if you are using IMAP to retrieve your email from your old host. This results in all the mail sitting on their servers while your mail application interfaces with the messages sitting on their servers. You can check if you are using IMAP in the settings of your email client application that you are using.

 Please use our mailbox synchronization tool which will securely take your messages and folders from your old mailbox and move them to your Intertune mailbox.

Simply plugin your username and password for your email and enter your Intertune mailbox address and password. For the Intertune server, please enter the incoming mail server name from the instructions we sent you.

NOTE: Your Intertune destination mailbox is the entire email address for the mailbox created on our end.