We understand that some users at Modwest have a lot of email in their mailboxes there that they want to bring over to their new Intertune mailbox.  

To do that please use our mailbox synchronization tool which will securely take your messages and folders from your Modwest mailbox and move them to your Intertune mailbox.

Simply plugin your Modwest username and password for your email and enter your Intertune mailbox address and password we sent you. For the Intertune server, please select 'server1.nyc.do.hosting.intertune.com' if your incoming mail server ends in 'server1.intertune.com' in the instructions we sent you. If your incoming mail server ends in 'server2.intertune.com', please use 'server2.tpa.hv.hosting.intertune.com'.

NOTE: Your Intertune mailbox account is your entire email address as sent in the migration instructions.  Your password is also included in those migration instructions.