To test the service is working after the domain is added to our system, follow the instructions below:

  1. Add our secondary mx records to the dns for the domain.
  2. Wait 24 hours for the dns changes to propagate.
  3. Now take your mail server offline by disabling the smtp service so it doesn't respond. You can check to make sure it is offline with a simple telnet command to port 25 on your primary mx record. For example if your primary mx record is you can do: 'telnet 25'                                 
    If you get a response your mail server is still online and we won't get messages, but if it times out you have correctly disabled your smtp server.
  4. Next send yourself some test messages from a Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail account.
  5. You can verify the message made it on our end by logging into your Intertune Cloud account and checking the webmail.
  6. Now bring your mail server back online and verify that your test messages that were spooled on our end make it back to your server within a couple hours.