If you are using the hosted Exchange service offered by Microsoft you can utilize our SMTP smarthost service using the instructions below. 

Please note this guide is only for the hosted Exchange service and should NOT be used for on-premise Exchange servers.

Sign Up with Sendmetric

  • Create an account
  • Create support request with us to use your domain(s) for Office 365 / Exchange Online:
    • After you create an account and have received your account information, login to your new Sendmetric account on the Intertune Control Panel.
    • Create a support case by clicking on the question mark in the top right and go to "Support Tickets". Then click the "Create New Ticket" button. 
    • In your ticket subject put: 'Office 365 domain activation'. For the description please provide us a domain or list of domains your emails will come from. These are not domains you will be sending emails to, instead this should be the email domain your organization sends email from.
    • After creating your ticket standby until we activate the smarthost feature for your Office 365 domain(s).

Setup your SPF Record

Configure Office 365 / Exchange Online Connector

Once you have received confirmation from our support team that we have enabled your domain(s) for smart hosting with Office 365 then proceed with setting up the connector below in your Office 365 administrator account.

1. Login with your Office 365 administrator account and click on 'Admin':

2. In the top left click on the lines to expand the navigation menu and click 'Show All' at the bottom.

3. After choosing 'Show All' click on 'Exchange':

4. You are now in the Exchange administration. Expand the 'Mail Flow' section and choose 'Connectors'.

5. Choose 'Add a connector':

6. Choose 'Office 365' as the Connection from and 'Partner organization' as the Connection to and click 'Next':

7. Enter a name for the connector such as 'Sendmetric' and enter a description, check the box to 'Turn it on' and click 'Next'.

8.  On the 'Use of connector' screen is where you tell Office 365 what domains that you send to that you want to use the Sendmetric smarthost. For testing you can enter a single domain or limited set of domains and then click the plus, if you want mail sent to any destination domain to be routed to Sendmetric you can enter an asterisk '*' and click plus.  When you are done click 'Next'. You can come back and change this later as well.

9. For the 'Routing' screen choose the option to 'Route email through these smart hosts' and enter 'smtp365.sendmetric.com' and click the plus sign and click the 'Next' button. 


10. For the 'Security restrictions' screen check the box to 'Always use Transport Layer Security (TLS) to secure the connection and choose the radio button 'Issued by a trusted certificate authority (CA)' and click 'Next'.

11. For the 'Validation email' screen enter one of your Office 365 mailbox addresses and click the plus icon. Then click the 'Validate' button. 

NOTE: You should see the the Check connectivity to 'smtp365.sendmetric.com' succeed and the Send test email fail. This should still be ok, the reason the test is failing is that Office 365 is trying to route the mail for your Office 365 mailbox locally instead of sending it thru us. In the detail for the test email you should see some kind of message like the following for the failed message: 'The test email was routed out from O365 without using any connector.

Click the 'Save' button and you will see a message at the top that says 'Do you really want to go without successful validation' and click 'Yes'. Then click the 'Save' button at the bottom again.

12. On the 'Review connector' screen you will see a review of everything you entered and click 'Create connector' to enable the connector. You are now ready to test sending a message from Office 365 and verifying you received it. You can also look at the Sendmetric logs within your account to validate the message passed thru our systems.